Innovation based on creativity and evidence

“Businesses who want to lead must embrace design, research and testing.”

William Hodgson-Byrne, Experience Design Lead at House of Comms

UX venn diagram

We live in an experience-rich age, where customers value the experience they have above all else. We help businesses adopt strategic design processes, so they can benefit from:

  • Improved ROI
  • Market competitiveness
  • Audience understanding
  • Cost reduction
  • Success measurement
  • Customer delight
  • Better deliverables
  1. Strategy

    Generate ideas, identify problems and provide direction for projects. A good strategy reduces projects' costs, delays and delivers better end-results.

    Workshops  •  Surveys and interviews  •  Data strategy  •  Competitor analysis  •  Ethnography  •  Journey mapping  •  Card sorting  •  Content strategy  •  Personalisation strategy

  2. Design

    Use evidence to craft engaging experiences. Processes as well as interfaces should use research to drive creativity.

    Information architecture  •  Wireframes  •  UI design  •  Design systems  •  Service design  •  Product design  •  Accessibility

  3. Optimisation

    Continuously study and test. Remain competitive by enhancing experiences.

    Expert reviews  •  A/B and multivariate testing  •  Usability testing  •  Tree testing  •  Behavioural analysis  •  Analytics