Digital Marketing.

Sounds broad, but isn’t

Ah, marketing. A lot of things get lumped under this banner, which can make things pretty confusing, so we like to keep it simple: we can create fully-fledged marketing plans for you and then go and execute them accordingly. We’re really good at it.


Online advertising has evolved at some pace – there are so many ways to spend your dollars these days that it can be massively confusing. House of Comms, the leading online marketing agency in Dubai can simplify this for you and help assess the best ROI for your buck.

So what are the options?

'Pay Per Click' or 'PPC' opportunities are broad. Google leads the way with Google AdWords, with 'Yahoo!'s Search Marketing', Bing's 'Bing Ads' and lesser known search engines offering viable options, depending on your target audience and budgets. One thing is for sure; PPC Advertising is a very fast way to target those searching for your products or services online, instantly. The single best person to advertise to is one that is actively seeking your product or service, right? That,s PPC in a nutshell.

Social Media Advertising Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram offer opportunities to optimise adverts for very specific target audiences. A properly designed and executed campaign can offer huge returns, and our digital solutions managers are experts in creating just that.

Real Time Bidding or 'RTB' is almost a dark art. Those shoes you searched for yesterday that randomly popped up on Dubizzle today? That’s RTB. Did you book a wedding and the next day, sporadic wedding dress ads appeared all over the websites you were browsing? RTB. This is the future of advertising and House of Comms can design and build your campaigns in full using cutting-edge, in-house technology not available anywhere else in the Middle East.

House of Comms combine sector knowledge, target audience expertise and technical prowess to build and run successful PPC, RTB and social media advertising campaigns for you that will have an immediate impact on your visibility and conversions. Our Google-accredited team will ensure you are receiving value-for-money, and the extensive analytics we have available will give us the power to evolve throughout the campaign.

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