Crisis comms.

Nothing more important during a crisis than how you communicate. Be ready.

As we see the world closing down around us; airplanes grounded, citizens on lock-down and the spread of a global pandemic, now is the time to stay home, stay safe and prepare for the future. These times of worry and fear are the times where we really need to stop, think and make a plan. This will not last forever and your stakeholders will remember which brands were there for them during their time of need. Transparency, authenticity and consistency of your communications messaging is now more important than ever. Whether you have positive or negative messages you need to communicate, our crisis communication team at House of comms can help you to refine the messaging, approach the targets, and measure the impact. Time to prepare is finite and your crisis communication strategy needs to be ready. We are here to support.

Our experience in dealing with Crisis Communications is vast and includes areas such as:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Threatened terror attacks
  • Loss of life/serious injury in the workplace
  • Corporate/brand reputation management
  • Individual reputation management
  • Technology/data
  • Force majeure
  • Health & safety
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