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If it isn’t authentic, don’t bother

The days where PR stood for "getting a press release covered in a newspaper" are long gone and we couldn't be happier about this. PR has evolved and adapted to a changing media climate and the evolving needs of brands and their audiences.

It's become more strategic, more targeted and a whole lot smarter - and if done properly, more powerful than ever.

Consumers have become savvier and much more aware of what is fake news and what is genuine. Brands need to stay one step ahead to create engaging PR content that actually connects rather than alienates, or face being left behind. Stop thinking about press releases and start thinking about content.

  1. Crisis communications Mum taught us to be ready for anything - so we are
  2. Influencer marketing “Get Kim Kardashian on the phone, pronto!”
  3. Media relations Putting words in mouths - in the good way
  4. Media training From talking baloney to talking like Obama
  5. Reputation management Sounds daunting, but it isn’t