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Want to know when your message is really resonating with the people you want it to? When they’re creating their own content off the back of it. This train of thought informs everything we do on social.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could view and broadcast all of our social media content in one place? Just think of the possibilities – user driven content, collated and centralised onto one platform that you can own, moderate, display anywhere and *whispers* advertise on. #unbelievable!

Our social media aggregation technology helps bring campaigns to life in one space – any space or screen, anywhere in the world – that’s connected to the Internet. That could be a laptop, a point of sale device, a big screen at gig or launch party, or even the side of a stadium wall. Whether this is in-store, online, behind a bar or stationed at an event, there are no restrictions on where we can display.

Our technology collates hashtag campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr and other social media platform that utilises hashtags. This content is built into one, real-time social hub, which can be broadcast to anywhere, from anywhere – uniting the online community and focusing user-driven content to one place. It’s a sure way to drive engagement and push reach numbers through the roof.

Our moderation facility allows us to select what posts actually go live to ensure quality and relevant content, which i crucial for social media in Dubai! Our built-in analytical tools can produce a variety of reports around reach and engagement.

We can very easily build our own content to the feed – dropping in the occasional advert or key message to an engaged and hugely relevant audience.

When it comes to social media in Dubai, very few companies have invested in such technology as yet, giving you the opportunity to stand out from the competition! 

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