Data Science.

Looking at complicated stuff to make decisions

We tried arguing with data once, and we didn’t get very far. So now we look at every piece of relevant data we have, take insights from it and use them to come up with solutions and ideas that get results.

Data Science in its purest form is the practice of deriving powerful insights from large, complex data sources. Our application of Data Science sees us acting at the intersect between Mathematics, Computer Science and all things Digital, from Website design to Marketing & PR.
Knowing your audience is critical to the success of your digital projects - at House of Comms we understand that user data should drive decision making across all platforms, ensuring that your audience is presented with engaging, targeted experiences. This is underpinned by statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, robust data strategies to promote data quality and enrichment and leading analysis techniques such as user segmentation/clustering, predictive modelling, machine learning and more.
The services we offer cover a wide range of topics, from regular performance reporting, Deep Dive reports into specific business challenges and holistic digital audits, through to tagging and pixel implementation and data strategy consultancy.

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