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Brand & Strategy.

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Strategy sounds scary. It isn’t. It’s the guide rail keeping you moving in the right direction. We create really good guide rails.

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  1. Brand Strategy & Identity Development Where it all begins
  2. Brand Design & Naming We have cunning plans
  3. Brand Communications Numbers, numbers, numbers
  4. Brand Management The strategy behind your service
  5. Marcomms Consultancy Powering the future
  6. Business Analytics & Insights
  7. Brand-Led Change
  8. Brand Experience

So often we witness companies try a social media campaign on one or two platforms – and then stop. Then, maybe spend on banner ads or Google ads – and then stop. They’ll optimise their website – just the once – and maybe write a blog entry or two. And then… Stop. Unfortunately, in isolation and not sustained, this approach will have very little impact, and so often companies fail to look at an overarching digital communications strategy to bring it all together, with clear goals and clear ROI assessment.

Not us.

We strive to understand your business, not just your product and services, but also your model in full. Your vision and values, your growth strategies, financial targets and budget restraints, your people, your strengths and your weaknesses. Then we look at your competition. We’ll assess your online footprint – and that of your competition too – so we understand how to truly advise on a digital strategy that will have the impact you are seeking.

And we don’t stop there.

Once we have the right channels, content, timing and budgets defined, we’ll assess, analyse, reassess and tweak the strategy on a monthly basis. Some tactical initiatives work better than others. House of Comms has invested heavily in cutting-edge analytical technology that gives us real-time data on what is working and, just as importantly, what isn’t.