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Over the last number of years, digital transformation has continued to evolve, expand and grow into new and improved verticals, well... 2022 is no different. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, most companies, who may have avoided the transformation for as long as they could, are now striving to create a seamless digital experience for their customers, with growth opportunities clear for everyone. Trends are constantly evolving and changing and with that we have gathered what we at House of Comms feel will be the most impactful for companies to follow in the months ahead. Check out the top trends below.

#1 - 3D Objects

3D has really taken off, with most unicorn companies adopting to represent information using the trendy design feature. A combination of 3D elements, smooth colour gradients and some micro-interaction is a tasty recipe from a design perspective and generates next-level user interface design. Helped along with further advancements of augmented reality and virtual reality, this space is only at its infinite stage, so watch this space.

UX -UI trends

 (Source: pitch)

 (Source: behance)

#2 - SUPERSIZE Typography

Supersize typography is getting more and more popular over the last number of years. As attention spans of customers are getting diminished by the on-going ‘digital noise’ we see in our day to day lives, providing a less cognitive load on the mind is crucial.

By using the supersized typography for the main CTA/messaging for the page, it immediately catches the user's attention, and the user can then make up their own mind if they are to read on.

Brands such as Apple, Drobox and Netflix are really using this to their advantage, grabbing people’s attention from the moment they lay eyes on the page with a bold message.

(Dropbox home page)

(Apple iTunes page)

(Netflix landing page)

(ENOC Expo 2020 Microsite)

(Abu Dhabi International School Landing Page)

#3 - Animated Gradients

Gradients are influencing modern web design landscape in a big way. And although they have been trendy for a few years now, we now see some secondary elements come into play with effects such as 3D, hover/cursor control, title and much more.

The slick motion from one colour transition to another is an extremely significant focal point area used to outline where you want the user’s attention to lie. When you add in the animated feature and cursor control to a background, the vibrant and dynamic look, ascetically pleases the eye and attracts the user to take a defined and highlighted action. It also provides a fresh, emotive new feel to how people view and digest the information provided.

WeTransfer is a company that have perfected the art of animated and cursor control gradients to the background of the filesharing platform, the call to action is clear but the background is also very appealing while you wait for your file to upload.




#4 - Voice User Interface (VUI) 

“Hi Siri, can you tell me where the closest supermarket is” - sound familiar?

Voice User Interface (VUI) is set to become a massive trend and could even dominate 2022. Users are getting more familiar with the idea of going beyond touch and using voice commands to control their devices or smart vehicle systems. According to research, more than 40% of current searches are now performed using a voice Interface. VUI is a perfect example of where a touchless experience is required, such as playing songs, cooking, smart driving or even using smart home devices. 

(Source: Dribble )

#5 - Augmented and virtual reality

The radical shift toward virtual and augmented reality has been significantly increased due to the Covid19 pandemic and the quarantine guidelines that came with it. Across 2022, you will see an influx of more immersive, customized and alternative playgrounds pop up, redefining how a user will interact with products. Users want information immediately and with augmented and virtual reality, we will see brands being able to respond to a user’s needs and environment in real-time, taking brand engagement to an entirely new level. With this, we will see an emergence of a whole new set of UX design rules, removing the need to have a screen-centered interface.



GrandView Research splits its VR outlook into three devices: head-mounted display (HMD), gesture-tracking device (GTD) and projectors & display wall (PDW).

#6 - Personalized experience

Having a personalized experience equates to showing the right content to the right audience and at the right time, with a lot of other key factors such as demographic & geolocations involved. This begins from greeting your customer by the first name to designing offers that meets their likes and interests based on previous data stored. It has simply become a major player and a brand differentiator. As AI and machine learning continue to grow, we will see further innovation within this trend that will continue to breakthrough and continue to make companies stand out above their peers throughout 2022.

 (Personalization by sitecore)]

(On this day by Facebook)


The six trends outlined above highlight the upcoming next-level differentiators that your brand can delve into, all while keeping the customer at the front of mind. Integrating some of these trends into your digital roadmap for 2022 will help you to establish an interaction between the user, the content and your brand and can drive them to take the desired action without forcing it. 

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14 MAR 2022
Labib Jaffar
Senior Visual Designer
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