When you do it for the love, anything is possible.

We could’ve come up with something really highbrow and impressive to fill this page. Lots of in-depth analogies and business speak. But if you know anything about House of Comms, you’ll know that isn’t our bag.

Really, we just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who’s believed in or supported us – and thank you to everyone who’s helped us grow and stay one step ahead of our clients’ needs.

A small comms agency evolving into an international marketing agency doesn’t happen by resting on your laurels, or by taking success for granted. We work hard, we think smart and are always focused on the next awesome thing we can offer our clients. We’ll continue to ‘make it happen’, every single day, by challenging ourselves to drive industry standards and smash client expectations.

When you do it for the love, anything is possible.

  1. CULTURE We know, we know. Every agency on earth talks about how unique their culture is.
  2. Career We’re always on the lookout for new talent, who wouldn’t be?
  3. Partners We wanna be together