Research-based market entry

The Impact




Fujifilm was a late market entrant to the Middle East and came up against global giants, such as Canon and Nikon, who were bigger globally and regionally, had been here longer and had invested heavily in marketing. Globally, Fujifilm is known for being the ‘geeky’ photography brand that technical experts respect, but that the average user fears. They need to sell cameras and there are only so many ‘geeky’ technical experts out there.


After considerable research, we ascertained that their audience wanted to know how they could use the most technically advanced equipment to create beautiful photography, easily. Without being a pro. So this is what we communicated across the board.

They also wanted a platform to share their pictures, so we gave them just that. Posting 95% User Generated Content across the FujifilmME platforms told amateur photographers that Fujifilm is proud of their work. We conceptualised and executed the Fujifilm X Photo walks; a series of Fujifilm hosted photography walks across the Middle East, where amateur photographers came together alongside pros and technical staff. They came to learn and try the new products; to experience photography like a pro, but easily, surrounded by other amateurs.


  • Three years from taking over, we have grown Instagram – identified as the core platform - (organically) from 2,975 (Oct 2015) to 41,900 (Oct 2018).
  • Market share has doubled in the UAE & sales have exceeded expectations by 24.3% (2016), with a much larger female consumer ratio than expected (36% vs 20%); attributed to the lifestyle content produced and positioning of the product.