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Most successful business today adopts email marketing as part of their overall digital strategy. Email marketing reduces time, effort and cost to reach your customers and is an integral part of your digital strategy.  

At HOC we can design and manage successful email marketing campaigns that will help with:

  • Customer interaction
  • Brand promotion
  • Informing customers of new products, offers etc
  • Targeting sectored customers with relevant information
  • Driving sales with time-limited offers and sales

 With a HOC e-marketing account you can view: 

  • How many people opened your emails
  • What links they clicked
  • Bounce rates
  • Who unsubscribed
  • And much more about the effectiveness of your campaign


Account setup: 

  • Create and send campaigns
  • Manage subscribers
  • View comprehensive performance reports
  • E-newsletter template design: We will design an eye-catching, bespoke template in keeping with your company branding (optional).
  • Import of existing contacts: We will bring all existing contacts into your RUA e-marketing account in one easy step.
  • Newsletter sign-up form for your website. A small form will be added to your website asking visitors for their name and email address, all details entered will go straight into your subscriber list.CTA: Get in touch today and see how we can help. 

 CTA: Get in touch today and see how we can help. 

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