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For many brands getting into digital marketing, social media marketing is often the first most natural step for several reasons: platforms are free, ubiquitous and easy to use and link directly to users, whilst the content on the platforms is short and easy to publish and share. 

With content marketing the challenge for brands is to produce longer-form, authoritative content that builds their position as thought leaders and attracts and retains audiences on their own websites.

Content Marketing Covers:

  • Online PR
  • Blog content
  • SEO
  • Paid search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Content Marketing is the present and future of marketing. It’s the buzzword of the moment and HOC can help your brand stand out from the crowd by creating consistently relevant and valuable content for all your marketing channels. 

Good content is at the heart of all marketing activities!  

At HOC we have perfected the art communicating with customers and prospects without the hard straight sell through effective content marketing. Our skilled team has substantial expertise in copywriting, PR and digital marketing and will develop and drive your content marketing strategy.  


HOC will work with you to: 

  • Identify and develop relevant content for your customers including blogs, social media posts, videos, infographics, press releases, articles and webinars.
  • Help you develop high quality, compelling content and distribute through a range of integrated channels.
  • Work with you to identify your customer’s needs and develop valuable content which your customers will want to read- after all you know your customers best!
  • Help keep your customers engaged and interested in you and what you have to say until they are ready to buy / commit/ progress.

Our team can help you develop a relevant, comprehensive and engaging content strategy to match your business and marketing objectives. 

CTA: Get in touch to discuss how we can help. 

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