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Longer Video on Instagram

by House Of Comms


Longer Video on Instagram
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  • 2016

Some big changes have been announced this week within the world social media.

First Snapchat now Instagram.

With the announcement of “Turning on your notifications”, Instagram has now revealed the addition of being able to post 60-second videos, as opposed to just 15 seconds!

To make the announcement Instagram released the below video:

Video Creators on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

With the new length added there is no doubt avid Instagrammers will have a blast uploading more creative content, with 60 seconds in cyberspace is like an eternity! Messaging will no longer be rushed and you will be able to showcase the bigger picture, which is ideal for brands and business promotions.

It will be a few months though before you can let your creative juices flow as they’re “rolling it out” over the next few months, so realistically only serious Instagram influencers will be able to avail of the 60-seconds for now.

So what does 60-second video offer to businesses?

Currently 79% of Instagram users are under the age of 50. Imagine you’ve just launched a new hotel in Dubai, and struggle to engage with potential customers online, now through one of the most dynamic and highly engaging platforms you have the opportunity to WOW them with a virtual tour that lasts 60-seconds! You could create a bank of really solid video content promoting the restaurants, the bedrooms, the facilities and even the delicious spread put on for brunch!

Imagine the fun you could have in the automotive sector, showcasing a range of test-drives for all new cars launching in UAE. No longer will you have to hit the fast forward button to squeeze all the content in, now you will have the luxury of showing every last meticulous detail.

Even simple explainer videos can include more detail. One of the hardest things to do when recording video content is to crop the script and get to the point, especially if you’re trying to explain it in 15 seconds, now with 60-seconds you can tell your story with clarity, whether you’re launching an app or an airline showcasing its latest first class cabin or you are a new store opening in Mall of Emirates, with the offering of an extra 45 seconds you can expect some really exciting brand storytelling video content to be produced.

Unfortunately we’ll be giving some annoying ‘celebs’ more airtime... but that’s the joy of social media!!

If you’re struggling on how to maximize Instagrams 60-second video opportunity, get in touch with our creative team to help create your storyboard now!