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Chat 2.0

by House Of Comms


Chat 2.0
  • 04

  • 04

  • 2016

Snapchat have just introduced its next phase “Chat 2.0” and it’s brilliant!

Snapchat has now come into its own with a diverse range of new services. Self destructing ten-second photos are no longer the point of the omni-sharing app.

With the latest upgrade you can now start talking or video call your friends in one tap with the new dashboard on your screen.

IMG_6784.jpgA host of new messaging features also include multi-picture upload, with over 200 stickers you can share your mood, and even animated notes for later viewing — it’s all there.


Snapchat Stories now have an auto-advance, which means when you get to the end of watching a friends Story, the next Story in your list starts playing for an easier viewing experience, or, you can skip ahead by swiping or pull down to exit!

To see for yourself check out the Snapchat Story today!

 IMG_6786.jpgHave you noticed the Hourglass emoji beside your friends name?

Well that’s a warning of sorts ... if you and a friend snap each other at least once a day you begin a “snapstreak” and that creates the Fire emoji next to each others name.

Now the Hourglass emoji will appear to let you the streak is soon going to be over if you don’t do something about! This is a super way to manage Snapchat engagement.

Take note that chats don’t count you have to send an actual Snap.

If you want to find out more about Snapchat get in touch with us today!